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FFB: As previously an accessories only label, how did you transition into women’s wear?

Zakary: It was always my intention to make the transition eventually. The aim when starting was to use the accessories line as a stepping stone to expand into womenswear.

FFB: Will shoes ever be added to your collection?

Zakary: Most definitely, I’m actually currently working on a shoe line which I’m hoping to launch as part of the Spring/Summer 2013 collection. shoes are an area which excite me; there is such a broad range of possibilities in footwear. There are some amazing footwear designers out there today, but I hope to add something original to the market.

 FFB: What is one essential piece every woman should have in her closet this fall?

Zakary: A printed blouse – this can be worn day or night and can add something extra to a look, worn with plainer staples to create a new outfit focal point.

Full interview available here.

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